Lie Detector Test

Is someone stealing from you? Have you yourself been accused of stealing?

There is nothing more awkward than realising a friend, employee or even a family member has stolen from you. It might only be an insignificant item that has been taken from you or it might be something worth thousands of pounds. It might be something which has no real value at all, other than sentimental. In any case, theft is theft. No one has the right to take your property without permission.

If you think you might know who the thief is, then of course you will accuse them of a crime, but even if they are a guilty party, their first instinct will be to deny any wrong doing. From that point on you are stuck in limbo. Unless you have physically caught them in the act, or if they have the stolen items on them, you’ve got no way to prove their wrong-doing, and more importantly no way to get your stolen property back.

Likewise, you maybe be the one who is accused of a theft which you have not committed, and just the accusation alone is ruining your reputation, therefore you need to clear your name.  In over 96% of cases a polygraph test can prove guilt or innocence.  If you need your name cleared or you are accusing someone else of theft, book a polygraph test today and get the truth revealed.


Book a Lie Detector Test

Although our head office is in Essex, we operate throughout the UK, and can carry out tests at short notice in all major cities of the UK. I undertake tests relating to all types of issues including fraud, abuse and infidelity. I am available 7 days a week and take calls from 8am up until 10pm every day. Get in touch  today for a no-obligation consulation, where one of our team will be happy to guide you through the process and advise on the best way forward to finally getting that piece of mind and move on. All enquiries are dealt with compassionatly and in the strictest of confidence.The Lie Detector Test.