Test Day

It is essential that you come to the test not having taken any illegal drugs or alcohol 24 hours before, as these can affect the accuracy. It’s always good to allow plenty of time to arrive at the test on time, as you will want to ensure you don’t feel rushed in any way. You will be advised in plenty of time the full address and postcode of the location.

When you arrive there is a pre-test interview which is usually where we spend the most of our time discussing the issue at hand as well as explaining briefly how a polygraph works along with each of its components. We will then complete any necessary paperwork and go over the questions to be asked, At no point will an examinee be asked a question that has not been fully reviewed with them. Also each question will be asked so that there can only be a simple yes or no answer. All the questions will be reviewed so there is absolute clarity between the examinee and the examiner regarding what each question means.

All polygraphs have audio and visual recordings. This is to ensure that both parties conduct themselves in a professional manner and they may also be used for quality control purposes and/or training purposes.

At the end of the test you will then be advised of the result and a full written report will be e mailed to you 24-48 hours after.

You are permitted to bring someone with you to the test, although depending on the circumstances of your case they may be able to be with you in the initial consultation they are not allowed to be present during the actual test.

If you have any queries or concerns regards to a forthcoming test do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 488 2979