Lie Detector test

Need to make sure your employees can be trusted before you hire them?

Do you run any type of school or organisation where your staff are in regular contact with children? Or, perhaps you are in some type of legal or law enforcement profession, and you need people working for you who you can trust? In either case there are some industries where if you hire the wrong people, you have a lot to lose.

When you need staff you can trust, and staff that can be 100 per cent relied upon in the situations you’ll be putting them in, just taking their word for it at the interview stage is not enough. You need to know you’ve hired the right people for the job each and every time.

Very often on a C.V people will lie about their past, hide any evidence of wrong doing, criminal convictions and so. Polygraph testing is one of the best methods to ensure you end up with a totally trustworthy staff.

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Although our head office is in Essex, we operate throughout the UK, and can carry out tests at short notice in all major cities of the UK. I undertake tests relating to all types of issues including fraud, abuse and infidelity. I am available 7 days a week and take calls from 8am up until 10pm every day. Get in touch  today for a no-obligation consulation, where one of our team will be happy to guide you through the process and advise on the best way forward to finally getting that piece of mind and move on. All enquiries are dealt with compassionatly and in the strictest of confidence.The Lie Detector Test.




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