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Paul Bramley (BSc) Paul Bramley is the founder of British Polygraph Testing. He started his training at Cardiff University and gained a BSc in Business Administration. Paul then went on to study and become a polygraph examiner at The Academy of Polygraph Science (APS), Fort Myers in Florida. APS is a fully accredited training school with the American Polygraph Association (APA).

Paul became a polygraph examiner as like many of you, he had been lied to by people throughout his life, but had always felt satisfaction at being able to catch the person out in their lie. Likewise, he has been on the receiving end of an accusation that just wasn’t true and understand the frustration of not being able to prove his innocence. Having people make wrongful assumptions can be both hurtful and damaging.

Unfortunately a lack of evidence doesn’t prove innocence, it just doesn’t prove guilt. However, if the shadow of doubt is cast, you can still have your life ruined if people generally believe the lies. This is where a polygraph test can be used to unequivocally set the record straight. A polygraph exam will prove with 98% accuracy if a person is being honest or deceptive. That proof, that ability to set the record straight or to prove your suspicions were justified is the reason Paul got into polygraph testing.

Since his initial training, Paul, has continued his education and professional development. Part of the polygraph training has involved PCSOT testing (Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing). This is an American system where by a parolee has to adhere to certain conditions including a court mandated annual polygraph exam. Having this qualification and training means that Paul is fully capable of dealing with any sexual harassment, or assault cases in a professional and sensitive manner. We deal with all types of cases from these to relationship issues, cases that involve thousands of pounds that have been stolen and cases of employees that have been wrongfully accused of theft. In all instances we have been able to help prove each case whether it has been proving someone’s guilt or innocence.

As for Paul, he enjoys travelling and seeing the world, experiencing new cultures and taking in the sites. The great thing about this job is that Paul has been able to combine work with travel. For example, he took part in a TV show in Helsinki. Paul is truly grateful for these sorts of opportunities.

He has also been interviewed about polygraph testing on certain radio stations including Kiss FM, Capital FM and the BBC worldwide radio. Does this mean Paul has a face for radio? He certainly enjoys it. If you would like to know any more about Paul or British Polygraph Testing, please do get in contact.


Paul is a full member of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and the British Polygraph Association (BPA).

Paul Bramley

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